Physical Therapy Assistant Job Search Tips

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Physical Therapist Assistant Job Search Tips

Searching For A Physical Therpist Assistant Job

The Challenges Of Job Searching

No matter what field you are in, finding a job in a struggling economy is difficult. It requires that you make strategic choices, know how to get ahead of the game, be aware of how to market yourself and plan ahead to assure that when the time comes, you will be a good hire.

PTA TipsIf you are thinking about or are currently studying in the field of physical therapy assistance, chances are good that you’ve thought about both what your job prospects are and what you would like to do for a living with your job or certification.

This is the first step in planning for your future job as a physical therapy assistant.

How To Make Yourself A Good Hire

One of the most important parts of finding any job is to be an attractive prospect to someone for whom you would like to work.

There are a number of steps you can take to assure that you will be ahead of the game before you ever earn your degree or certification, making your likelihood of being hired before or closely after your graduation a serious possibility. There are several tenets you should follow in order to be considered a great candidate for a physical therapy assistance job.

  • Work smart.  Although school may, at times, feel like little more than a barrier between you and the job and earnings level which you desire, it is more than that. Working hard, studying hard and doing well are essential to your ability to do your job well. Beyond that, earning the respect of your teachers and professors can lead to glowing recommendation letters which will look great when paired with your resume.
  • Take extracurricular opportunities.  Most schools, whether they are technical schools, 2 year or 4 year colleges, will provide students with extracurricular field experience opportunities. Sometimes these are strictly volunteer jobs, but other times participants may be rewarded with class credit or be paid. Regardless of the payoff, these opportunities should not be taken for granted. They, too, look excellent on a resume and help you to build field experience than many graduates are sorely lacking.
  • Put together a great resume.  When you write your resume, keep in mind that it is the way you sell yourself to a potential employer and act accordingly. Be professional and talk about your experiences and strengths. If you have difficulty talking about your strengths or determining a statement of purpose, talk to a teacher for help.

Finding a Job – Finally!

When you have a great resume that is full of experience as well as excellent references from professionals, your chances of being hired increase drastically.

Most people who are studying in a field such as physical therapy assistance begin looking for their first paid position in the field during their last semester of school. Often, schools provide students with job listings and opportunities to aid them in this process.

One type of opportunity provided by many technical schools is an externship. An externship is a position working in your field for which you receive class credit and a grade rather than money. If an externship goes well, it generally leads to a job offer. Ask teachers and school directors about job listings and externships offered by their organization.

Put Yourself Out There

There are tons of websites on the Internet which allow you to post your resume and list jobs you would like to be considered for, while also allowing you to browse job offers in your field and submit your resume with only a few clicks. One of the most popular websites of this type is

The use of this website is free, and will expand the amount of potential employers to whom you can send your resume. This is a great way to network with professionals in your field.

Another popular employment networking website which can be used to meet people in your field and those who may be interested in hiring you is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn allows professionals to create profiles detailing their work experience and background.

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