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Typical Physical Therapy Assistant Careers

The field of physical therapy is an increasingly important part of America’s health care sector. Especially with the growing number of elderly individuals requiring physical therapy, in addition to the increased importance of sports medicine, this field is providing robust and growing employment opportunities for physical therapist assistants. However, there are a wide variety of […]


How Massage Therapy and Physical Therapy Providers are Related

The field of physical therapy and massage therapy are closely related in a number of ways, but equally, have different purposes and in many states, distinct licensure requirements. Because of this, individuals interested in these fields should consider the similarities and differences of PTAs and massage therapy providers. What PTAs and Massage Therapists Do PTAs […]


7 Popular Books For Physical Therapist Assistants

Being a physical therapist assistant can be a very rewarding career that not only allows you to help other people, but it also teaches you about how your own body works. If you are planning on beginning your studies as a physical therapist assistant or if you want to expand your knowledge of this area, there […]


States With The Greatest Demand For Physical Therapist Assistants

Working under the supervision of a physical therapist, most physical therapist assistants (PTAs) can find employment opportunities in nursing homes, hospitals, fitness centers, and clinics. Physical therapist assistants work directly with patients to help improve movement and heal injuries that can potentially result in a lack of mobility. With many career opportunities opening up in […]


Career Prospects for Physical Therapist Assistants

For those seeking employment in the growing healthcare sector, becoming a physical therapist assistant can be an excellent choice. With increasingly robust employment prospects and competitive wages, this field is ideal for individuals who want a personally and professionally rewarding career. The Physical Therapist Assistant’s Duties Physical therapist assistants work with physicians, physical therapists, and […]


Physical Therapist Assistant Job Outlook

The Career Outlook for Physical Therapist Assistants The American healthcare sector is one of the fastest growing parts of the national economy. With an ever-growing emphasis on health and wellness, the employment opportunities for skilled healthcare professionals continue to be very robust in all 50 states. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the field […]


The Career Future For Physical Therapist Assistants

Seeking employment as an assistant to a physical therapist can be a rewarding career choice, allowing aspiring professionals to work directly with patients suffering from different physical ailments in the healthcare industry. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment in this particular field is predicted to increase by approximately 45 percent until […]


Choosing A Physical Therapist Assistant School

For those who are entertaining a new career move to become a physical therapy assistant (PTA), completing a degree in this field is crucial to legally practicing as a PTA. In order to find an accredited college or institution, aspiring PTAs need to perform the necessary research to discover the right accredited physical therapy assistant […]


Where Is The Greatest Demand For Physical Therapist Assistants

While many college students are struggling to find a job in today’s sluggish economy, a rising demand for physical therapist assistants (PTA) offers many employment opportunities in the healthcare industry. With baby boomers requiring more care as they age and a growth in the U.S.’s population, physical therapy is in high demand across the country. […]


The Physical Therapist Assistant’s Earning Potential

Physical therapy assistants are becoming an increasingly important component of America’s healthcare sector. Due to the growing number of elderly and the emphasis on rehabilitation for most injuries, the ability to provide high quality physical therapy is more important than ever, which has resulted in a growing demand for professionals in this field. The Modern […]

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